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orange and yellow fire eyeshadow #beauty hacks for teens #every girl should know #eyeshadow #Fire #hacks acne

Weather Changes Can Determine What Color The Sky Will Be

The ageless, timeless, complicated and forever ongoing interaction between the Earth’s atmosphere and the sun’s heat results in the weather. The awesome, amazing colors that we see in the sky are produced storms and ever-changing weather systems as the atmosphere is without color on its own. Then how does this astounding display of color come about?

Air molecules and dust particles that are present in our atmosphere collide with the light waves from the sun and scatter in various directions as it enters our atmosphere. The waves that have shorter wavelengths like violet and blue waves get more effectively scattered than the orange and red waves having longer wavelengths. As a result varying mixtures of green, violet and blue waves along with small quantity of other colors scattered across the vast expanse of the sky. The blue that we see as our sky is formed due a combination of this mixture. But the exact shade varies depending on how the amount of dust particles and water vapor are present in that portion of the air. The shape of blue will get paler as the amount of particles and droplets increase in the air.

All the colors of the spectrum gets scattered by the water droplets that make up the clouds and thus making the clouds appear white. Meaning reconstitution occurs to the white light originally emitted by the sun. But the clouds appear gray or black if they are thick thus preventing light from passing through.

During sunsets and sunrises, the sky changes color frequently. The phenomena happens due the scattering of orange and red waves that gets though because as the sun is at a lower position in the sky during these times, the light gets to travel further into the Earth’s atmosphere. The orange and red hew gets more enhanced due to the presence of ash, dust and pollution in the atmosphere.

Weather Watcher who are Beginners

An intriguing array of changes in weather pattern is created by Earth’s atmosphere. Constant changes in weather in various parts of the world challenge our lifestyle as we adjust to it. For weather forecasting professional level, quality instruments have been introduction for the use of enthusiasts and amateurs in recent times. Contribute collected data by setting up your own weather station at home to the Internet and local professional forecasters is possible now because of these instruments.

Making distinction between high-level, middle-level and low-level clouds is a good thing to learn. An increase in the high and mid level clouds generally indicates the approach of frontal systems. Snow and rain is always a probability if low-level clouds follow these clouds.

A small chance of precipitation if there is fair weather accompanied by cumulus clouds that’s indicative of stable atmosphere. Although you might be in for heavy rain, gusty winds and can even experience a hailstorm if you observe explosive and rapidly developing cumulus clouds.

Weather can be forecasted by keeping a close watch on the barometric pressure and the direction of wind Winds movement from the southwest and falling pressure on the barometer are often indicators of frontal systems in the Northern Hemisphere.

You can improve the accuracy of your forecasting by maintaining logs of actual weather events along side your predictions and observations. You will learn the correct local conditions with the help of these logs.

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